Apple Fiber Stem Cell Coffee

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Benefits of Apple Fiber Stem Cell: 

✔️ Lose weight without feeling tired, lethargic, and tired.
✔️ Makes the body healthier and more energetic.
✔️ Can shape, stretch & enlarge breasts.
✔️ Overcoming the problem of cellulite and sagging skin.
✔️ Smoothes and brightens the skin.
✔️ Strengthens the skin & keeps it young as well as anti freckles & acne.
✔️ Suitable for men with bloated stomach problems.
✔️ Treat the problem of constipation.
✔️ Suitable for people with diabetes and high blood pressure.
✔️ Reduces vaginal discharge & tightens the vagina.
✔️ Reduces cholesterol, avoids the risk of heart disease and can avoid diseases.
✔️ Provides energy to the body.

Content: 25g x 20 sachets